Vishwarang festival celebrated in 16 countries with joy and cheerfulness

Vishwarang festival, which celebrates the culture, art and literary heritage of more than 15 countries, held virtually from November 6 to 8. Artists performing a dance.

Vishwarang festival, which celebrates the culture, art and literary heritage of more than 15 countries, held virtually from November 6 to 8. The festival was a pre-programme of the second edition of Tagore International Literature and Art Festival, scheduled in the end of the month. It will create awareness about Hindi and regional language and their impact on language and culture.

Apart from India, UAE, America, Australia, Canada, Netherland, Singapore, Russia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Ukraine, Sweden, Kazakhstan, England and Bulgaria are part of the Vishwarang festival.

More than 100 artists and 1 lakh contestants around the world joined the Vishwarang Festival. Ravindra Nath Tagore University, ISECT other Universities and Institutes from Bhopal have jointly organised the programme.

The programme ended on the third day. Writers, celebrities and artists from 16 countries came together to discuss the art, culture and literature of their respective countries. This helped people to know about other country’s culture and literary heritage.

Importance of migrants

Vishwarang Australia started with Sarod Vadan, Poetries, panel-discussion, Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Yuva Kavi Sammelan and Mushairas.

On the importance of migrants in building a good cultural relation between the countries, Indian media link’s CEO Pawan Luthra said, “relations between two countries depends on different factors, including political, cultural, economy and sports.

According to a report, more than 7050 Indians give their hands to the economy and development of Australia. Indian population in Australia will reach to around 1.4 million by 2031. This will be more than the number of Chinese staying in Australia. He also focused on the future of cultural relations between both the countries.

Vishwarang Singapore

Vishwarang Singapore showcased Ravindra Sangeet, lion dance, poetry on migrant workers, film show, and art crafts exhibition. The stage of Vishwarang Singapore also discussed Hindi literature and its importance. Aradhana Jha hosted the programme.

Gaurav Upadhyay’s book ‘Hot Coffee Filter’, a collection of 30 basic poetries, was the first to discuss. This book awarded him a huge fame among youngsters.

On the other hand, Vishwarang England 2020 had beautiful sessions on Hindi writers, performing arts, documentary on Hindi Poetry and a session on Hindi Kavya Saahitya was also organised.

The Hindi writers present in the programme were, Archana Panauli, Mamta Gupta, Mohan Rana, Divya Mathur, Anil Sharma, Piyush Dwivedi, Achala Sharma, Dr Shayam M Pandey and Shefali Frost.

During the session, Anil Mathur shared Divya Mathur’s specialty, her women-centric write-ups. The way she portray women in her stories is developing with each story.

UAE showcased dance performances

Vishwarang UAE showcased dance performances, book launches, art sessions and musical performances. On the second day of the programme, Dr Pradeep Srivastava expressed her views on Hindi and Travel Journalism.

She said, “Everybody loves to travel but not everybody who travels, write about it. This is wrong. We see and experience a lot of beautiful things with our eyes but we do not keep them for our next generation. To write our experience is an important part of our cultural heritage.”

Vishwarang Canada, not only discussed on basic Indian write-ups but also organised a Kavita Chaupal, short film screening and sessions on literature, based on truth which was named as, Gyaan se Vigyaan tak.

On the second day of the programme, Dr Ratnakar Niralay said that he has been working for the development of Hindi literature and culture since past 50 years. In earlier days he used to write and share the handwritten magazines. But with the help of computers, it has now become easier. He also told about his 25 books. He has written a total of 40 books.

Netherland Vishwarang festival

The Netherland Vishwarang Festival was a sum up of regional songs, classical music and dance, Ravindra music, flute, poetries and book launch.

During the programme, Dr  Soni Verma made the audience aware of the importance of cycle, and how the government is encouraging everyone to go for cycle in order to save mother nature. She said, “during the World War-II, the government of Netherland understood the importance of bicycles. On a daily basis, people travel to their office and workplaces via bicycle and this resulted in their good health.”

The second edition of Tagore International Literature and Art Festival would be celebrated from November 20 to 29.

On the third day, Vishwarang UK began with a symposium with Hindi writers from the UK. Antaripa conducted this session.

Usha Raje Saxena, the first creator, said that he along with Padmesh promoted Hindi language literature in UK. “My book “Clay Fragrance” and “Hindi in Britain” are the first books with which British Hindi writers got entry into Indian Hindi literature.”

Vishwarang USA 2020

The third day of Vishwarang USA 2020 began with a discussion on dance. Sanjeev Rambhadran recited some of the best ghazals in this session titled Geet and Ghazal. Moved somewhere else … Sanjeev’s ghazal made everyone nervous.

Sanjeev grew up in America from the beginning. After this he got knowledge of classical and ecclesiastical music from Ram Phatak. He has also been the first foreign participant of the main season of Saregama.

In Viswarang USA, the audience was delighted to see young talent, Dastangoi and Kuchipudi dance in memory of Sushm Bedi. Tagore and Iqbal were also discussed further in the program.


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