No vaccination strategy in India, only ‘vaccine diplomacy’: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

There is no vaccination strategy in India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn’t think strategically. He is an event manager, he thinks one event at a time,” said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday.

Claiming that PM Modi and his government never understood Covid-19, Rahul Gandhi said the Centre was responsible for India’s current crisis and the third wave of infections was highly likely.

Speaking to media persons in live interaction, Gandhi said the “evolving” virus was strengthening by the day, and the central government’s ignorance of its nature was giving the virus space to grow and spread.

Gandhi also said the “permanent” solution to fight the virus was vaccination, and the reason behind India’s poor Covid performance was because the Centre had “no vaccination strategy”.

“The problem is that there is no vaccination strategy. The Prime Minister doesn’t think strategically. He is an event manager, he thinks one event at a time,” Gandhi said.

If the current pace of vaccination continues, Gandhi said, India will face not only a third wave but multiple waves of the virus. Targeting the Centre, Gandhi said, “You’re creating a liability for the whole planet. Why? Because you are allowing 97 per cent of the population to be attacked by the virus as only 3 per cent are vaccinated.”

‘Vaccine diplomacy’

He reiterated that the government had become overconfident and focused on “vaccine diplomacy” and exporting vital Covid jabs to the rest of the world, instead of anticipating a future crisis and need at home.

On India’s Covid-19 death figures, Gandhi asked the government to tell the truth as the country’s current fatality rate according to him was a lie. “Actual death numbers might be disturbing but we must stick to telling the truth,” he said.

India recorded 1.86 lakh new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, the lowest spike in daily infections in the last 44 days. The number of active cases further declined to 23.43 lakh while over 2.48 crore people have recovered from the virus till now. With 3,660 new fatalities, the death toll is now over 3.18 lakh.


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