New Farm laws a ‘stab in farmers’ hearts’; oppose it for the country: Rahul

The new Farm laws are a “stab in the farmers’ hearts” and they should be opposed for the country’s future. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. File photo.

New Delhi: The new Farm laws are a “stab in the farmers’ hearts” and they should be opposed for the country’s future, says Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress leader, on Monday said that the new farm laws must be opposed, not just for farmers but for the future of the country. He alleged that they were like a “stab in the farmers’ hearts”.

Interacting with a group of farmers from across the country, Gandhi said, the GST and the note ban were also attacks on farmers, but these three laws will prove to be more detrimental.

Gandhi also claimed the laws will foster an East India Company-like culture. And this time, it is a “West India Company” has come in.

“There is no difference between GST, note ban and these three laws. The only difference is that this is directly stabbing your heart with a knife,” he said during the virtual meeting.

“But I have clarity that this has to be opposed. Not for farmers, but for the future of India,” he told the farmers. He shared a nearly 11-minute long video shared on social media.

The Congress has opposed the new farm laws and the party is protesting across the country.

Meanwhile farmers’ unions have launched a stir in Punjab and Haryana.

“The farmer is not just a farmer. The voice of farmers is in the youth, in the Army, the police. And the voice of farmers has a lot of strength. It was with the help of this voice that India attained independence. And once again India will become independent through the farmers’ voice,” Gandhi said.

West India Company

Rahul Gandhi said he had seen in Uttar Pradesh’s Bhatta Parsaul village that businessmen wanted the farmers’ land as well as their farm produce.

“The first fight I fought was of land acquisition and the entire media attacked me,” he said.

“They said this is a fight against black money but it was not true. The purpose was to weaken our unorganised sector and the poor, farmers and labourers,” Gandhi said. The purpose of GST was also the same, he added.

Talking to Gandhi, Dhirender Kumar, a farmer from Champaran in Bihar said, farmers were being exploited in the name of these laws and they would be forced to commit suicide due to hunger.

Ashok Bootra from Yavatmal in Maharashtra feared that no one would buy the farm produce at minimum support price (MSP). “I feel, any farmer who protests will be put in jail. In 1840, the East India company used to put out the price of cotton from England and the entire world would buy at that rate. But the businessmen would know of the price in advance,” he said.

“The way the East India Company used to do business, I feel, the same pattern is being followed again and the farmers and small businessmen will be looted. When farmers will not get the rates for their produce, suicides will increase,” Bootra said.

Replying to this, Gandhi said, “You want to say earlier it was East India Company, now a West India Company has come in.”


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