Mount Kilimanjaro on fire, 500 volunteers trying to put out the flames

Tanzanian authorities say 500 volunteers have been trying to put out the fire that engulfed the Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. (Courtesy: AP Photo)

Fire engulfed the Mount Kilimanjaro the tallest peak of Africa on Tuesday. According to Tanzanian authorities, around 500 volunteers have been trying to put out a fire on Mount Kilimanjaro. People can see the flames from miles away.

A statement from the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) said on Tuesday that the volunteers have managed to limit the fire’s spread.

Spokesman Pascal Shelutete said the area known as Kifunika Hill is still burning. However the cause of the fire yet to be established.

The Spokesman did not say how the fire, which has been burning for more than a day, has affected wildlife or vegetation. But he assured tourists of their safety. The mountain is popular with hikers and climbers.

Kilimanjaro is the highest single free-standing mountain in the world, with a height of 19,443 feet (5,926 metres).


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