Man walks with daughter’s body on cot for 35 km in Madhya Pradesh

A man was forced to carry his daughter's body on a cot for post-mortem for 35 km, walking for almost seven hours to reach the hospital.

A man was forced to carry his daughter’s body on a cot for post-mortem for 35 km. He walked for almost seven hours to reach the hospital in Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh.

A video gone viral showed the man, along with a few villagers, mounting his 16-year-old daughter’s body on a cot and making his way through the village on foot.

The teen had died by suicide on May 5. Following the incident, the police reached their house in Gadai village. However, the police ordered the family to bring the body for an autopsy, some 35 km away.

Due to financial constraints, the family was unable to hire a vehicle on their own. And the authorities denied them any mode of transportation.

The girl’s father, Dhirapati Singh Gond, and some villagers then left on foot in the morning. And they reached the hospital after seven hours of journey.

Gond said: “We started around 9 am, reached the hospital around 4 pm, carrying the cot on our shoulders. Now we are feeling unwell. Such a big problem but nobody offered a solution.”

He said there is a road around a kilometre away from his village. The authorities should have arranged a vehicle for them.

However, police official Arun Singh said that there is no budget allotted to the department for transporting bodies to the post-mortem centre, so it was not possible to arrange the vehicle.



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