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Man locked up in a ‘bathroom’ for opposing caste-based reservation in MP

Madhya Pradesh (MP) chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Monday that a law would be enacted to curb interfaith marriages, if required.

Man locked up in a ‘bathroom’ in Indore in Central India’s Madhya Pradesh state on Tuesday for opposing casted based reservation.

According to sources, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan faced a little embarrassment when a man stood up and started opposing the caste-based reservations, while the chief minister was giving a speech. However, some organisers and policemen whisked away the man and “locked him up in a bathroom”.

Chouhan was attending a traditional ‘shastra pujan’ (weapon worship) programme of a local Rajput community on Tuesday in Indore. For his embarrassment, suddenly a man from the same community stood up and started opposing his speech.

The man, identified as Manohar Raghuwanshi, started moving towards the stage but the security deployed prevented him.

Man locked up in a ‘bathroom’

Later, while speaking to the media, Raghuwanshi said, “Thakurs and other general category people are in pain as the BJP say we don’t need your votes but get concerned about votes around polls.” He said he wanted to speak to Chief Minister Chouhan. But the police did not allow him to do so. They “locked him up in a bathroom”.

Meanwhile, Sarla Solanki from Rajput federation has demanded discontinuation of caste-based reservation. “The day reservation will end, Ram Rajya will arrive. And we will celebrate Dussehra in true manner as demon of reservation will end,” she said.

Realising that the situation, the Chief Minister wrapped up his speech, and left the venue immediately.

Chouhan, before leaving the venue, promised to built a memorial of Rani Padmavati in Bhopal. He said that he would withdraw the cases against those who protested the film ‘Padmavat’. Chouhan also said that he had earmarked land for the memorial at Manuabhan Ki Tekri in Bhopal.

During the widespread protest against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s controversial 2018 period drama ‘Padmavat’, Chief Minister Chouhan had announced a memorial in the memory of queen Padmavati. He also announced to include lessons on Rani Padmavati in school curriculum.



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