Kerala government to withdraw Police Act amendment after criticism

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. File photo.

The Kerala government, a day after putting it on hold, has decided to withdraw the Police Act amendment ordinance. State cabinet on Tuesday decided to bring in a repeal ordinance to withdraw the amendment.

With the cabinet issuing its nod, the government will send the repeal ordinance to the Governor, with a clarification. After the Governor signs it, the controversial amendment will not be in force. It is learnt, that the cabinet has decided to bring in a new amendment to the Police Act to prevent exploitation of online platforms.

On Monday, the Kerala government had decided to put on hold the amendment that came into force last Saturday. The amendment, which gives the police more powers to prosecute persons who exploit communication platforms to slander others, has faced widespread criticism.

The CPM central leadership openly came out against it and asked the government not to go ahead with the legislation.


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