Indore girl gang-raped, stabbed, tried to burn her; Police say no evidence

In Indore, a girl was allegedly gang-raped by five youths on Tuesday. Representational image.

In Indore, a girl was allegedly gang-raped by five youths on Tuesday. The accused also stabbed her and tried to burn her alive, according to police.

Four-five youths abducted the girl while she was walking home from her tuition classes. They allegedly gang-raped the survivor and tried to burn her alive after stuffing her into a sack.  And, later, they threw her on a railway track near Bhagirathpura railway station in Indore, the police officials said.

However, the investigating officers in the case remained skeptical about the charges from the girl over lack of corroborative evidence. The incident happened around 9 pm on Tuesday.

‘Used sedatives’

The survivor told police that while heading back to her home, she met one of her friends named Akshay, who was accompanied by his friend. The boys used sedatives to make her unconscious and took her to Bhagirathpura railway tracks.

Later, the duo was joined by three more youths who were present on the spot already. Despite stiff resistance from the girl, the five youths took turns to rape her. The girl alleged that she was stabbed by a knife after the sexual assault. And, later the youths wrapped her in a sack and tried setting her on fire.

Somehow, the girl freed herself and called her fiancée who rushed her to a nearby hospital. The youth told the police that he had received a call from the girl late evening, and later, found her unconscious condition. And with the help of a friend he admitted her to a hospital.

Accused man pleads ignorance

Police are ascertaining the accounts of events on the basis of statements of the couple.

However, there was a twist in the tale, as the man named by the girl Akshay Gupta was found at his home. He pleaded ignorance about the girl’s charges. The police also did not find any sack close to the rail tracks, as mentioned by the girl in her statement.

The physicians who treated the survivor at the MY hospital Indore claimed that the knife wound seemed a minor injury and not a deep wound inflicted in a murderous assault. Indore Inspector General of Police Harinarayanchari Mishra could not be contacted for comments on the sensational charges levelled by the survivor.


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