Hindu fanatics allegedly kick 8-month pregnant Adivasi woman, child dies

The victim woman of Hindu fanatics atrocities lying before the Tikri police station in Madhya Pradesh, where Adivasis staging a dharna on January 6.

Heartrending! Some Hindu fanatics allegedly stormed an Adivasi’s house, beaten up the people present there and kicked an 8-month pregnant Adivasi woman. Soon after the attack, the victim woman gave birth to a dead baby boy. The incident took place in Badwani district of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

According to sources, around 30-35 Hindu religious fanatics, on the suspicion of conversion, entered the house of an Adivasi family, who are Christian believers, in village Devada in Badwani district of Madhya Pradesh, on December 31 afternoon.

The religious extremists attacked the family members and their relatives, who were there to attend a religious function in the evening. They even did not spare an 8-month pregnant woman Leela, wife of Rakesh Alave Adivasi.

Soon after the attack, the family members called an ambulance and rushed the injured pregnant woman to a nearby hospital. But unfortunately, on the way, the woman gave birth to a dead baby boy.

The sources said that the attackers had kicked the baby-bump of the woman. And, as a result, the child died in her womb. It happened under Tikri police station area.

Intruders molest minor girls

In a written complaint to the police the victim family stated that on December 31, about 30 to 35 Hindu extremists, including Ram Patidar, Arvind Patidar, Rajesh, Mangal Patel, Gaurav Sharma, Neelesh Patel, Raja, Vishal, Aman Tilok, Mangal Sarpanch, Ramesh Rathor and their accomplices entered their house, where a religious programme was scheduled in the evening.

The intruders allegedly used filthy languages and started molesting the minor girls present there. They also threatened them with life and manhandled the family members and their relatives. Soon after the attack, the 8-month pregnant woman gave birth to a dead baby boy on the way to hospital.

Police accused of inaction

The victim family has accused the police administration of inaction. Police did not take any action even after lapse of a week time. The Tikri police even did not register the case. “We are not getting justice. The police are under pressure from the Hindu activists and their political leaders,” they said.

Following the inaction of the police, the Adivasi community people, under the leadership of Rashtriya Jai Adivasi Yuva Shakti (JAYAS) district general secretary Mukesh Patel, staged a dharna before the Tikri police station on January 6, from 8 PM till January morning. The victim woman was also lying in front of the police station.

Talking to Inquest, Mukesh Patel said that they have demanded from the police to register an FIR against the assaulters for murder. He claimed the baby boy died in his mother’s womb because the attackers had kicked the lady in her baby-bump. The police forced the family to bury the body of the infant without conducting any post-mortem, he said.

No complaint received from victims: Police

When contacted, the Superintendent of Police, Badwani, Nimesh Agrawal, refused to talk on this issue.

However, while talking to Inquest, Additional Superintendent of Police RD Prajapati, said that the victim family did not inform the police about the incident. In fact, he said, the accused persons were pressurising the police to file FIR against the victims for religious conversion.

Prajapati said the body of the infant was exhumed on January 8 and a post-mortem was conducted. The PM report is awaited. On getting the autopsy report, the police would investigate the case, he said.

Inquest tried several times to contact the local MLA Bala Bachan, but he did not pick up the phone.

After the Cabinet nod for the Anti-Conversion Bill of the BJP-led Shivraj Singh Chouhan government, the Hindu fanatics in Madhya Pradesh have got emboldened.


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