Fearing imminent bypoll loss, BJP doing ‘bargaining game’: Kamal Nath

Fearing imminent bypoll loss, the BJP in Madhya Pradesh is engaged in 'bargaining game', said former chief minister and Congress leader Kamal Nath.

Fearing imminent bypoll loss, the BJP in Madhya Pradesh is engaging in ‘bargaining game’, says former chief minister and Congress leader Kamal Nath.

Day after a Congress MLA joined the BJP, Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath on Monday hit out at the saffron outfit, saying that fearing imminent bypoll loss in the upcoming assembly bypolls, the BJP was engaging in the “game of bargaining” and luring his legislators.

On Sunday, Congress MLA from Damoh Rahul Singh Lodhi joined the BJP after resigning from the assembly. His resignation from the Congress came ahead of the November 3 bypolls on 28 assembly seats. The results of the by-elections is coming on November 10.

Fearing imminent bypoll loss

“The BJP has anticipated the result coming on November 10.  So, the party is not waiting for the result and has started the game of bargaining. Because they are left with no other option, but this. I am getting calls from many Congress MLAs,” he said

“They are telling that the BJP is luring them and offering money, Nath told reporters. However, the BJP dismissed the Congress’ allegations and said Nath was not able to manage his party.

The former Chief Minister said the voters of Madhya Pradesh are very simple and straightforward. But, they are very aware politically. Election is a celebration of democracy. This has become a celebration of bargaining. I don’t believe in such politics, he said.

“I have written a letter to the Election Commission today. Lower-level government employees were being pressurised to work in favour of the BJP,” the Leader of the Opposition in Assembly said.

Nath said the BJP knows that it is not getting the numbers to save its government in the bypolls. So, it has started luring Congress MLAs.

Nath not able to manage his party: BJP

Since March this year 26 Congress MLAs have resigned and joined the BJP. Reacting to Nath’s allegations, state BJP spokesman Rajneesh Agrawal said, the Congress chief was not able to manage his party.

So many Congress legislators and leaders have left the party under Nath’s leadership. This puts a question mark on Naths leadership. “He should not make baseless comments against the BJP, Agrawal said.

The BJP spokesman said Nath is not even listening to the advice of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who has condemned certain controversial remarks of the MP Congress chief. In March, 22 Congress MLAs had resigned from the party and the state Assembly. This had led to the collapse of the 15-month-old Kamal Nath-led Congress government and cleared the way for the BJP.


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