Delhi court reserves order on Disha Ravi’s bail plea till Feb 23

A Delhi Court Saturday reserved the order on the bail plea of climate activist Disha Ravi’s till February 23.

A Delhi Court Saturday reserved the order on the bail plea of climate activist Disha Ravi’s till February 23. Additional Solicitor General (ASG) SV Raju, representing the Delhi Police, told the Delhi court that Disha Ravi needs to be thoroughly investigated as “she was aware of the criminality of her actions”. He added that the investigation will reveal the “sinister design to defame India.”

Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana was hearing the bail plea of Disha Ravi at the Patiala House Court.

Opposing the bail request, the ASG said Ravi’s custody was required to confront her as she had tried to put the blame on the other two accused. He further said that if the 22-year-old is enlarged on bail, the purpose of the custodial interrogation would be frustrated.

The ASG added that large volumes of data still need to be analysed as the investigation had just been initiated.

During the hearing, the ASG contested that this was not just a toolkit but the real plan was to defame India and create unrest here. The final toolkit was also shared with the Poetic Justice Foundation – a secessionist organisation that advocates for Khalistan, he said.

‘Mere resource document’: Disha

Meanwhile, the online “toolkit”, cited by the Delhi police to accuse three persons of sedition over the past few days, was merely a “resource document” and did not “sow disaffection”, Disha Ravi told the Delhi court.

She said that as an activist, her cause was the environment and agriculture, not Khalistan, as accused.

However, the police claimed Ravi is closely connected to the Khalistan-backing organisation Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF). After listening to both sides, the court reserved its order for Tuesday.

“I am 22, from Karnataka. I have no connection with the Khalistan movement, whatsoever,” Ravi argued before Justice Dharmendra Rana. “There is no single chat or conversation between me and the Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) produced by the Delhi police.”

Khalistan theory

The prosecution has claimed that PJF, which is not proscribed, had close ties to SFJ, concluding, in turn, that it makes Ravi an accomplice to alleged Khalistani activity.

She then pointed out that the police case had said that “yoga was being targeted”. “If I prefer Kung Fu, am I in conspiracy with China? Is that sedition?” Ravi’s counsel Siddharth Agarwal asked.

The judge then asked her if she had attended a Zoom call, which, as the police have alleged, was one of the sessions where the January 26 violence conspiracy was hatched.

“If there is violence or instigation of violence then it’s an offence, but what’s the allegation against me? That I was part of a Zoom call? That I spoke during the Zoom call?” her counsel asked.


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