Centre has a tendency to use agencies as political weapons: Rahul Gandhi

Centre has a tendency to use agencies as political weapons, says former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, while speaking to media at Wayanad, Kerala on Tuesday.

Centre has a tendency to use agencies as political weapons, says former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress MP from Wayanad, Kerala, said this while interacting with the media during his first visit to his constituency after the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in March.

Since his arrival at Wayanad on Monday, Gandhi has been participating in meetings of district authorities. He will return on Wednesday.

Centre uses agencies to pressurise

“It’s not Farooq Abdullah alone, there are many other leaders including me, against whom the agencies have registered cases. TheCentre has the tendency to uses CBI and ED to pressurise and such acts will only help to destroy these agencies. These agencies are not personal institutions of the Prime Minister,” said Gandhi.

On the new three Farm Bills of the Modi regime, Gandhi said these will break the backbone of farmers.

“Through these bills, it will be one or two big business houses close to PM who will benefit. This will be a devastating blow to the ordinary farmers… The Centre feels being Covid times the farmers will be silent. But it’s not going to be that way as they will come out. Food Security is structured around procurement, minimum support price and mandi and these bills will take us back by 50 years,” claimed Gandhi.

I don’t appreciate such language

On the alleged comments of Kamal Nath against Imarti Devi, Gandhi said he did not “appreciate” it.

“Kamal Nath ji is from my party but personally, I don’t like the type of language that he used. I don’t appreciate it, regardless of who he is. It is unfortunate,” he said

On the battle against Covid-19, Gandhi said there are some shortcomings but the spirit of Kerala will overcome the odds.

“I do not wish to blame anyone on it, though I had spoken to Harsh Vardhan in February and had warned him. But he did not take it seriously.

In Wayanad there are good number of weaker sections and also the tribal community. We are working out a programme for the farmers of Wayanad engaged in rice and turmeric farming where marketing of their products will be taken up… On account of Covid, farmers here are yet to get subsidy,” added Gandhi.


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