Bhopal doctor devises ‘air bubble’ to keep corona warriors safe

Dr. Skand Trivedi showing the newly invented air bubble device.

Bhopal: A doctor in Bhopal has invented a simple yet ingenious device to help the Covid-19 warriors to fight the virus. The new device – air bubble – will keep doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers safe from COVID-19.

The fully sealed face suit will supply virus-free compressed air to the corona warriors that they can breathe safely while treating patients.

Renowned cardiologist Dr Skand Trivedi said, this concept was specifically introduced for healthcare workers. It aimed at saving lives of doctors, nurses and technicians as they were the only solace for coronavirus patients.

Will save Covid-19 warriors from contaminated air

He said COVID-19 basically spreads by breathing contaminated air. When the health workers inhale the same air as is exhaled by the patients they would be in trouble. “So, in this way I can ensure my staff safety while working with patients for 8 hours,” he said.

Dr Trivedi, who works with a private hospital said, “We have lost some of our colleagues. I’d be happy if this model is replicated by other Covid facilities also.”

He said doctors and healthcare workers are not only getting COVID-19, but also dying because of it. This air bubble can be the biggest tribute to all Corona Warriors, Dr Trivedi added.

With this air bubble, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers will be able to help the state tide over the epidemic.

The COVID-19 tally in the state capital went up to 6,490. So far, nearly half a dozen doctors have succumbed to coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh.

The cardiologist said his staff doing their rounds with the air bubble for the last couple of days and they are quite comfortable.

“I feel much safer, we are not worried,” said Dolly, a nurse at the ICU. Neeraj Mewada, a technician in the Covid ward, also said he was comfortable wearing the air bubble.

Staff feel suffocation in PPE kits

Healthcare workers across the country have reported suffocation and other problems while working long hours in PPE kits. The protective gear, once worn to enter a coronavirus ward, cannot be taken off till the shift ends.

The doctor said, the air bubbles are connect to air tubes from a big compressor kept 200 feet away from the building, some air bubbles are portable.

“We even have a portable version so doctors can do their daily rounds, meet patients and interact with ease,” Dr Trivedi said.


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