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Pregnant tigress spotted in Kerwan forest, entry of people may be banned

BHOPAL: Worried about the safety of a pregnant tigress spotted in Kerwa-Kaliasot forest area, the forest department has banned the entry of heavy vehicles like trucks and dumpers in the areas. Another reason for the forest officials’ concern is the failure of steps taken by them to check the activities of poachers in the area.

Earlier to it the officials had banned the entry of heavy vehicles in the forest area but even after the ban entry of such vehicles could not be stopped in the areas.

According to sources in the forest department it was expected that the pregnant tigress active in this corridor could give birth to cubs in the month of February. Keeping this in mind and fearing that the feline turning violent a decision may also be taken to ban the entry of people in this corridor.

Meanwhile, the movement of tigers and tigress has become frequent in Ratapani Sanctuary, Samardha Range and Kerwa-Kaliyasot forest area since May 2011.

According to the officials the number of the patrolling teams has been increased in Samardha range and Kerwa-Kaliyasot forest area for the safety of tigers moving in these areas.

Apart from it better telecommunications instruments have been provided from the forest department to the team members. Teams of tribal people living in these forest areas have also been constituted apart from the patrolling team. These tribal people will continuously update the senior officials about the latest information related to that area.