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People’s entry banned in Rasolia, Chichli and Samasgarh forest areas

BHOPAL: Keeping in view the movement of tigers and other wild animals, the forest department on Tuesday put a ban on entry of people in some more areas in the Kerwa and Ratapani corridor.

The decision was taken by the department after observing the movement of tigers and other wild animals in a special campaign undertaken by the department in the area.

Conservator of forest L Krishnamurthy said the campaign was carried out with help of six elephants, 12 mahouts, three wildlife doctors, three vehicles and 50 personnel. The objective of the programme was to observe the behaviour and movement of the wildcats in the area.

The department also planned to install radio collar in the tigers and to shift the tigress and her cub to other conserved area.

After the campaign, the department has laid restriction on entry of people in Rasolia, Chichli and Samasgarh areas of the forest.

Krishnamurthy claimed that the campaign was a success as the department has collected data which helped investigate the movement area of tigers.

Sources said the department’s campaign had failed as it was only to install radio collar and to shift the tiger from the area.

In the campaign, a female elephant Mohini died while another female elephant Smita had fallen ill after which she was sent back to Satpura national park.