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Foresters fail to trace tigers, but got monitoring elephants anaemic

BHOPAL: While the forest department virtually has failed to trap tigers moving in the jungles of Kathotia and Kerwa, but the elephants brought here to monitor the movement of the wild cats got anaemic and one of them dead.

Conservator of forest L Krishnamurthy said the movement of tigers had been reported in the jungle of Kerwa and Ratapani. Although there was no confirmation about their number, since they remain on move, but the presence of tiger, tigress and cubs had been reported by the field staff.

He said the movement of tigers had been reported for past several months. The department intends to radio collar them to observe their behaviour and later to release them. The assignment has been undertaken with the permission of authorities.

To monitor these tigers the elephants were brought here from Satpura and other areas. However, one of the elephant died while another was ill.

Sources said the blood report of the elephants indicated that the elephants were anaemic as their haemoglobin level was found less than normal.

However Krishnamurty clarified that all the elephants involved in searching and monitoring of tigers in Karwa and Ratapani were not anaemic. Their haemoglobin content has been tested and found normal.

He said in the test report the haemoglobin was found between 10-11 which was within the normal range for elephants (7.5-14.5).  The elephants were being looked after by their mahouts along with expert wildlife doctor, trackers and experienced field staff, he added.

Meanwhile sources said the department had sought permission from NTCA to shift tiger and the authority asked them to shift the tiger by October 27. But the failure of the department to nab any of the tigers has ruined their plans.

The department is desperate to catch a tiger at the earliest. Meanwhile the shifting of tigers has been opposed by some wildlife organisations.