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Finally, the foxy leopard falls into foresters’ trap

BHOPAL: The sly leopard that foxed the foresters and caused panic among the people for the last two weeks was finally penned in by the wild animal rescue team on Sunday morning.

Post penning of the cagey animal, foresters and people of Bhadbhada area heaved a sigh of relief.

The coop that the animal fell in was installed on the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) campus. A prey, a goat, was kept in the cage to lure the leopard and after it was fenced in, the relieved foresters immediately sent the wild cat to the Satpura National Park (Pachmarhi).

According to reports, the wild animal rescue team had put four cages with lambs to attract the at-large leopard ever since it injured five persons on October 4. However, the wild cat could not be traced by the team despite intensive search on the IIFM campus.

On Sunday morning, the officials of the forest department heard the sounds of closure of the gate of the cage and when they checked they found the leopard inside it.

The leopard stalked into the trap to hunt the lamb but once he was locked in, it did not attack the lamb.

The wild animal rescue team took the leopard to Van Vihar. A medical examination was performed in presence of Dr Ajay Gupta and Vimal Raj.

Assistant director of Van Vihar Dr Sudesh Waghmare said the leopard was about five-year- old male. The rescue team had found evidence of its presence on the IIFM campus and the area was to be searched today. However, the animal itself entered the cage to hunt the lamb.

“After medical examination, the leopard was sent to the Satpura National Park,’ added Dr Waghmare.

The news of cooping up of the leopard brought a big relief to the people living in localities around IIFM, judicial academy and Bhadbhada.

Katrina too dies

In the aftermath of the death of Nimmi on Saturday, another beautiful female leopard Katrina died in Van Vihar National Park on Sunday.

Katrina, who was ailing for a long time, was on life-saving drugs for a few days.

Assistant director of Van Vihar Dr Sudesh Waghmare said Katrina died of bebesia, a protozoan disease. She has stopped eating for the past six days and she was being administered life-saving drugs. Her liver and kidney were not functioning. She was under treatment of Dr AB Shrivastava.  The post-mortem examination will be performed later.

Dr Waghmare said Katrina was three-year- old female and brought here from Ashta (Sehore district) three years ago.