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“It is not right in God’s sight to obey men rather than God.”

Why is relationship pivotal?

If one molecule is broken, the entire bonding is affected, and as such, physical and chemical structures are entirely changed. Behaviour is also changed on a par. Human relationship is more or less like chemical bonding. 

Take the example of Carbon dioxide (CO2), where one molecule of carbon is bonded with two molecules of oxygen. If one molecule of oxygen is broken, it becomes (CO) carbon monoxide. The two gases are entirely different in all respect such as their behaviour, molecular structures and functions.

Similarly, bonding in human relationship is quite indispensable for survival. A home can’t be formed without family. Family is an assimilation of members of different bent of minds, some of them are amicable, benevolent and adjustable; on the contrary, some are self-centred and crooked. Internal bonding of different level of souls plays a pivotal role. Synchronization of mentality among the souls of members leads to erect a healthy family. If adversity emerges among the members, the bonding of family will be disrupted, and the outcome, due to it, will be a house of mere bricks and cement; no existence of home, very much like a bear garden.

Misconception, squabble and suspicion among members for considerable period leads to corrode, as such bonding of intimacy among the members of family gets feeble and disintegrates.

Husband, wife, children, brothers, sisters and in-laws, make a family. Every member is exemplary and plays important role. If any one of them is inactive or deprived of his respective role a sweet home will erode. In consequence of such malevolence, restlessness can be observed on the face of each member –wandering about in search of companion for healing solitude, and for sharing intimacy.

In such a condition, involvement of outsider sometimes becomes intense and interference of such element in the relationship of husband and wife proves hazardous. Wrangle with spouse is quite natural, but couple should be conscious of intervention of any foreigner. It is harmful for the survival of sweet relationship.

Sustenance of intimacy is based on inter-relationship of souls. Even Almighty Lord desires to have relationship with all creatures, where love and devotion exists. Saints of elevated soul often shed tears when their devotees confront with adversity. It is due to their close attachment to them. Sai Baba of Shirdi, an incarnation of Dattatraya, often shed tears for his devotees who were confronting with the hardship of life. Sai Nath Maharaj had close intimacy with his devotees and loved them equally irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It is a superb paradigm of sweet relationship.

Creating relationship is quite easy, but to carry out the same is tough. Presence of mind, toleration, sagaciousness and above all confinement of tongue are vital. It will not be out of place if it is said that sound will be produced inevitably when utensils are kept on the same shelf; similarly discord among the members of family is certain, as such, it ought not to be taken as an issue of apple of discord, nor to be lasted it for considerable time.

When squabble takes place between husband and wife –one of the two ought to confine ones tongue; let the opponent allow belching out his or her vituperation, arrogance and grievances – beware of argument; else, it will be turned into unpleasant situation, and consequently, it will adversely affect on the bonding of relationship, and at last, it will start fragmenting.

“Man is a social animal.” –Aristotle stated. If man is considered as social animal, obviously the necessity of comrade is part and parcel. Survival in solitude for common man is nothing but hard nut to crack. Therefore, to get rid of solitude, bonding of friendship and kinship is sine qua non. Relationship bridges ones thoughts, ideas and feelings with ones kith and kin. Moreover, by dint of amicable ambiance of relationship prevails to erect a sweet home.

Every creature of this world can’t survive without relationship; on the other hand, without partner there is no existence of relationship. To sustain relationship, amicable behaviour and mutual adjustment among partners are indispensable. Therefore, relationship is pivotal. Everybody has to admit the truth of relationship. It is a precious gift of the Almighty.