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Woman, two sons killed in Chhattisgarh, bodies recovered from heap of dung

RAIPUR: In a triple murder-case, police recovered bodies of a woman along with her two sons buried deep inside a heap of dung at a village in Korba district on Wednesday morning.

The incident took place at Dhatura village, about 40 kilometers from Korba town where the woman Ambika, 32, with her two sons and a girl from neighborhood were sleeping while her husband was out on night duty.

Korba police said that the murder possibly took place post midnight and was done so cleanly that the seven-year-old girl sleeping inside the same house didn't have any clue about the incident.

It was when woman’s husband Dayaram Kaushik returned from work in the morning, he found no one in the house and he called up the woman’s brother.

According to their statement to police, stains of blood were found on the floor of the house which looked like the bodies were dragged from one room to the heap of dung kept in the veranda.

Immediately, police was informed after which the woman's body was recovered but it took some time to remove all the dung to retrieve bodies of her two sons.

All of the three had severe injuries on their heads. Police have recovered an iron rod from the spot of incident and there were signs of someone trying to wipe off blood stains on the floor.

Korba SP Ambreesh Mishra said, “The incident is grave and while Dayaram Kaushik was under suspicion, he along with few neighbors was being interrogated, but it would be too soon to zero in on anyone.”

Dayaram works as an electrician at a factory between 10pm and 6am.

Police said that it was one of its kinds mysterious murder case as the murderer had killed all the three leaving the neighborhood girl untouched. The dog squad indicated towards deceased home and neighbors only, police said.

The girl in her statement said that on waking up, she found no one in the house and she left for her home after no one answered to her calls. Meanwhile, police have lodged FIR against unidentified person on charges of murders.