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Azamgarh youth with ISIS in Iraq wants to return home

New Delhi: A youth from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, who had joined ISIS to fight in Iraq, wants to return home and has contacted his family to facilitate it. The youth, in his late 20s, had gone to ISIS-held areas about six months ago through Turkey, ostensibly to fight for the Middle-East terrorist group after getting attracted to it online.

However, officials familiar with the development said, he soon got frustrated with activities of ISIS and wanted to get back home. The recent bombing by western forces in ISIS-held areas prompted the youth to frantically call his family and ask them to ensure his early return.

The family approached the security agencies for help and the agencies are trying to get in touch with the youth, who is in ISIS-held areas in Iraq, bordering Syria. The youth was helped in his travel to Iraq by an Indian origin man based in United Arab Emirates, who is under watch of security agencies of India and UAE for his online activities.

The youth is a class XII pass out and was involved in small businesses before leaving to join ISIS, official said. He is considered to be the first person from Uttar Pradesh to join ISIS directly without having any contact with any terrorist organisation in India and without any criminal past.

He is among the 20-odd Indians who are currently fighting for ISIS in Iraq-Syria. These include two youth from Mumbai outskirts Kalyan, an Australia-based Kashmiri, one youth from Telangana, one from Karnataka, one Oman-based Indian and another Singapore-based Indian.

Last year, a youth from Kalyan had returned home after spending about six-months with ISIS. Among the six Indians, who fought alongside the ISIS and got killed were three Indian Mujahideen terrorists, including Sultan Ajmer Shah and Bada Sajid, who had joined its ranks after being in Pakistan, two from Maharashtra and one from Telangana.

On September 15, UAE deported four Indians suspected to have links with ISIS and it is expected to send back the same number of people soon. About a fortnight ago, the UAE had sent back a 37-year- old woman, Afsha Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph, who was allegedly involving in recruiting youths for ISIS.

Earlier in January, Salman Mohiuddin of Hyderabad was arrested at that airport when he was preparing to board a flight to Dubai on way to Syria via Turkey. So far, 17 young men, mostly from Telangana, have been prevented from travelling to Syria, ostensibly to join ISIS.  (With inputs from agencies)