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Women’s panel head sacked for complaining against Chhattisgarh minister

Raipur: A senior minister in Raman Singh government in Chhattisgarh is in the midst of a controversy after a woman, who heads a committee against sexual harassment, was sacked by Panchayat and Rural Development Department after she complained against his alleged “indecent and inappropriate” behaviour with newly appointed officers of Panchayat bodies.

Dr Manjeet Kaur Bal, a faculty trainer at Thakur Pyarelal Panchayat and Rural Development Institute, claimed that she was sacked after she complained against Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Ajay Chandrakar’s behavior towards chief executive officers (CEO) of Janpad Panchayats, including nine women.

Chandrakar reacted to the complaint saying, “I have no idea about the issue. As far as faculty trainer's termination is concerned, I can't comment as it's an administrative decision by the department concerned.”

“On April 7, panchayat minister Chandrakar asked the recently appointed CEOs to his official residence for an evening meeting. The trainees returned and complained to me that minister's behavior was indecent, obscene and offensive and the women felt extremely unsafe,” Bal said in a letter sent to the Prime Minister's office.

“As the chairperson of Vishaka committee against harassment of women at workplace, I felt it was my duty to immediately inform senior officials of panchayat and rural development,” she said.

In her complaints sent to National Women’s Commission, PMO, chief minister and others, the woman trainer said she received a notice on August 10 terminating her services from August 20 on the charge that she was ineligible for the post. She also alleged that she was targeted and victimized for raising voice against the minister.