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1150 militants in 17 training camps in Pak, PoK: Army Commander

Srinagar: Up to 1150 militants are in about 17 training camps in Pakistan and parts of Kashmir under its occupation and about 325 ultras are at launch pads along the Line of Control (LoC) waiting to sneak in, a top Army commander said here on Tuesday.

“As per our intelligence inputs, there are about 17 terrorist training camps in Pakistan and PoK put together. Out of that, nine are opposite the 15 Corps zone. Four each in Manshera which is in Pakistan and Muzaffarabad.

“Total strength of terrorists in these camps is anything between 1000 to 1150,” General Officer Commanding of Srinagar-based 15 corps Lt Gen Satish Dua told reporters here. He said that there are 23 different launch pads on the other side closer to the LoC having strength of 315 to 325 militants waiting for opportunity to sneak in.

There is a bulge in the militants in the launch pads because they are unable to get across, Gen Dua said. “Whenever they have tried an infiltration bid, it has always been foiled or the militants have been eliminated. So, what is happening is that their numbers are swelling up but they are unable to get across,” the Army commander said.

Lt Gen Dua said the militants have become desperate as their masters want them to do ‘something’. “So much so that they are under pressure from their masters to do something and several times they just try and sneak in and attempt is to just target either civilian or military targets very close to the LoC and then go back,” he said.

About the trend of infiltration bids by militants this year, the Corps Commander said attempts are always there to step up such activities before summer season comes to an end and the mountain passes close due to snow.

“This is nothing new. Every year in summers when the passes are open, there is an attempt to infiltrate. But with a very well coordinated multi-tier counter-infiltration grid that has been placed by the army, all the infiltration bids have been foiled. In fact, two militants have been captured,” he said.

On recruitment of youth into the ranks of militants, Gen Dua said “there have been some recruitments and we are aware of them. In fact, not only have there been recruitments, seven of them have been caught, killed or have returned also. Some boys have even returned back from the fold of militancy.”

Referring to the use of social media by militants especially Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, he said they are doing so to grab news headlines. “They have not gone across for training, they are not well-trained but they are grabbing the media attention,” he said.

“Some misguided youth, they are our children and are not from across, are getting enticed by this radicalization... My word that I would like to put out through you our friends in the media why only show stories about Burhan and others for youth get enticed by them. There are other positive stories as well in Kashmir and are getting lost. Maybe they are not getting you TRP ratings,” he said.

Lt Gen Dua said Army will measure up to any challenge whenever the situation calls for. “We are developing our own intelligence. One acknowledges the fact that they enjoy the support of the locals and they are able to melt. It is not in the jungles. It is difficult to carry out operations in congested village localities and houses. So, they are using that space and we have to be very careful.

“For us, it is more important that we do not cause collateral damage to the citizens. We do not cause hardships to the citizens than to grab or kill or neutralize or capture a couple of militants. Awam (people) is more important. We will get them,” he said.

The Army commander said militants are using other routes to infiltrate into the valley out of desperation because of the well-coordinated counter-infiltration grid.

Referring to the mysterious killing of four militants and a former militant and his three-year-old son in north Kashmir during the past fortnight, he said “I think that some terrorist organizations do not tolerate dissent or rebellion.

“Their leaders even did not care for the three young boys that have been killed as we saw (in Pattan). We have not seen anything like a three-year-old boy killed anywhere whether there is militancy or not. This is their internal matter,” he said.

On the claim of Hizbul Mujahideen that its commander Fayaz Ahmad Bhat was killed by Army in an ambush in Tangmarg area last week, he said Army did not kill him.

“Had he been killed by security forces, we would have claimed credit for killing a terrorist in an encounter. But we have not done it and people know that. They do not have to see the statements. In Kashmir, people know everything,” he said.

On Human Rights, Lt Gen Dua said the Army would not tolerate the HR violations. “Indian Army stand is very clear. It has zero tolerance towards human rights violations. That is not negotiable,” he said.

Referring to some incidents where Army had mistakenly opened fire on civilians, he said some incidents took place and it was accepted and regretted by the commanders. “The due magisterial process is on and whatever is required will be done. But the message to the soldiers down to the last jawan is very clear that HR violations will not be tolerated,” he said.

He said the country is celebrating the golden jubilee of 1965 war and the Army has chosen this day as the war was terminated on Tuesday. “We want to celebrate the end of the war... In valley this is the message that we want to give out. We are not for jingoism and chest beating about victory. The idea is we have to honour those who took part in the war,” he said. (With inputs from agencies)