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India, UAE united in fight against terrorism, says Modi in Dubai

Dubai: India and the UAE on Monday came down heavily on countries sponsoring terrorism against other states in what is seen as an oblique reference to Pakistan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is in UAE for a two-day visit, today interacted with the Indian Diaspora at the Dubai cricket stadium. Around 50,000 people registered to attend the event.

Modi spoke in Malayalam in his Dubai speech to greet people of Kerala on the Malayalam New Year. “People from Kerala are there in large numbers. And I am specially talking about them due to the New Year festival today,” the Prime Minister said.

“Malayalee Sahodarangale, ente hridayam niranja navavatsara aashamsakal. Namaaskaaram (my hearty New Year wishes),” he said to loud cheers. Modi told an ecstatic crowd of around 50,000 Indians at a public reception here that he was ‘witnessing a mini India’ and saluted them.

“My dear countrymen, I salute you. You are the people who used your labour for 10-15-20 years to earn your livelihood and also kept the flag of India flying high,” he said, to chants of ‘Modi, Modi’.

Modi also said India was proud of expatriate Indians settled and working in the UAE. “You are the people who have worked hard... some for 10 years, some for 20 years and some for 30 years. You are not only earning your living, but also making India proud,” Modi said addressing thousands of expatriate Indians.

He said that due to the good behaviour and hard work of the expatriate Indians, India was proud. Modi said the Indians settled in the Gulf were always worried about their home country.

“Even if it rains a little more in India, then the Indian living in Dubai, opens his umbrella. In times of natural disaster, the Indian in Dubai can't sleep properly. When the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government conducted nuclear tests, some people were angry and there were sanctions put on India.

“Then Vajpayee appealed to Indians across the world to help India. And today I feel proud to say that after his appeal, the blue collar workers in the Gulf had made the biggest contribution.” (With inputs from agencies)