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Part suspected to be of Bangladesh aircraft found from field in Chhattisgarh

RAIPUR: An aluminum piece, resembling to be of an aircraft was recovered by a farmer from a field in a village in Bemetra district on Saturday. It is suspected that the part believes to be of Bangladeshi airlines flight that made an emergency landing on Friday night at Raipur's Swami Vivekananda airport.

The United Bangladesh flight enroute to Muscat from Dhaka with 173 passengers on board made an emergency landing due to failure in its engine.

A farmer Brahmanand Diwakar found the huge aluminum structure weighing about 100kg lying on the ground in his field at Gagnpur in Bemetara district and reported to police. Locals claimed they heard a thud last night like some heavy object falling on the ground. But they were scared to go to the spot as it was dark.

Bemetara superintendent of police HR Manhar said that the round-shaped object which weighs around 100 kilograms resembles part of an aircraft. The four-feet high circular object is likely fixed beside the wings.

According to information, passengers were made to stay at VIP lounge of Raipur airport and arrangement was being made till Saturday evening for ferrying the passengers to their designated place.