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Bhopal City
Face-saving effort: Chouhan begins state-wide ‘Sadbhavna Yatra’

BHOPAL: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, to save his face that has been damaged by the Vyapam scandal, on Thursday ventured into a state-wide ‘Sadbhavna Yatra’ which began from Bhabhra, the birth place of martyr Chandrashekhar Azad, in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh.

 In the public meetings he asks people whether he should relinquish his post or not. When the reply comes in negative, he says when public doesn’t want him to quit, why he should resign from the post.

The BJP though, denied officially that the programme was not intended to clarify his role in the Vyapam scam, party sources confirmed that Shivraj would have face-to face dialogue with people to clear his involvement in Vyapam investigations.

Making a scathing attack on the Congress, Shivraj Singh rubbished all charges against him and said the Congress was indulging in completely baseless and false allegations out of frustration. He said it was the Congress which always dreamt about him, his resignation and their chances of winning elections.

“Congress have nightmares about Shivraj Singh as their plans failed to win assembly, Lok Sabha and even civic body elections,” he said adding that when they felt that they cannot come to power in any case until Shivraj Singh is alive, they planned to damage his image through false implications and bogus documents. “But I will never let this happen,” he claimed.

Shivraj Singh said that Congress leaders from Bhopal to Delhi gathered to impose serious allegations and even defame him but to no avail. “They are shouting, Shivraj Singh Isteefa do, Isteefa do (Shivraj Singh resign) but I am asking you should I relinquish the post,” asked Shivraj to the public. When the public replied in negative, he said, “When you don’t want me to quit, why should I resign.”

Taking a jibe at Congress leaders he said, “When Digvijay Singh was chief minister and when late Arjun Singh was chief minister, both were used to scribble on piece of papers to do fraudulent admissions. There was no admission procedure and corruption was on rife. The cheating was open and one can pay and get an order sheet ready for the job,” he alleged. Shirvaj Singh claimed that he would expose Congress’ farce in the public and also in the court of law.

Party strategists believe that this was the only way Shivraj could retaliate and come out with a clean image from the Vyapam scam. Party’s big-wigs have also consented to the move.