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Two inmates escape in a broad daylight jail-break in Chhattisgarh

Kawardha (Chhattisgarh): The district sub-jail is embroiled in an embarrassing fiasco after two of its inmates scaled its boundary wall to their freedom in a broad daylight jail-break on Monday. The incident has sent chills down the spines of the jail administration, even though a team led by deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Deepmala Kashyap has started investigation in the matter. Police have deployed a team of cops to search out the escaped inmates.

According to sources, one of the inmates Lamu Tilakwar was sentenced to life-time imprisonment while the other, Kewal Panika, was held accused under Section 376 for rape. No sooner did the duo escaped the matter was informed to the Jail Superintendent and higher officials of the District Police, the sources added.

The sources said that it all happened during the on-going construction work in the jail by PWD Department that gave a golden opportunity to these criminals to succeed in their motive. It has also been reported that when these two were already sentenced, why they were not sent to Central Jail since as per the rules only under-trials are supposed to be kept in the sub-jail.

According to reports, the sub-jail has always been under scanner due to mismanagement and other issues. The escape of the duo has added a new chapter in the history of the sub-jail. However, the jail administration as well as the district police remained tightlipped about the incident.