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Bhopal City
Trader tricked into buying brass at rate of gold
BHOPAL: A trader was tricked into buying a piece of brass at the rate of gold in state capital. A forgery case was reported at Habibganj police station on Wednesday. 
Two people called Mukesh Gupta, 35, and said they had found a gold brick weighing around half a kilogram while working in fields. They convinced Gupta for buying it at a cheap rate, telling him that the government may take it from them otherwise. 
The Duo met Gupta and showed him the 'gold brick'. Gupta agreed to buy only 200 grams and paid Rs 40,000 for the same. However, when Gupta got the 'gold brick' checked later, it was found to be of brass. A few suspects have been rounded up and it is believed that the duo may be a part of racket involved in similar incidents. 
Speeding bus hits bike, one dies: A 28-year-old man died while another sustained injuries after the bike they were riding was hit by a speeding bus on Thursday morning. Deceased mason Salamat Ahmed, a resident of Jehangirabad, was heading towards Berasia on a bike with contractor Osama at the time of incident. Salamat Ahmed, who has a wife and two kids, came under one of the wheels of bus and died on the spot while Osama fell at some distance and sustained injuries. A case was registered at Berasia police station. Police station staff said the bus has been seized and driver taken into custody.