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Two children burnt alive by aunt and her paramour

BHILAI (Chhattisgarh): In a heinous and heart rendering incident, two children were burnt alive in Utai village of Durg district in Chhattisgarh state on Monday noon.

According to police sources, the children were presumably killed by setting them afire, only to safeguard illicit relationship between their aunt and her paramour. However, the facts of the case would finally be established after a thorough investigation, the police added.

Police sources said that the deceased children were identified as Mohan Ojha (4) and Dhaneshwari Ojha (6), children of Ghanshyam Ojha, resident of Ghupsideeh village of Utai, Durg. The police said that as per preliminary investigation, at about 1 pm on Monday, the children Mohan and Dhaneshwari were taking a midday sleep in the hot afternoon at their home, but suddenly woke up and noticed their aunt in a compromising position with a man from her parents’ village.

The police also said that presumably, the accused duo allegedly burnt alive the children after tying them with charpoy and drenching them with kerosene. After committing the heinous offence, the accused woman fled the scene along with her paramour (Mahaveer Ojha, a resident of Ranchirai), but they were soon traced and taken into custody for interrogation by the police.

While the brutal killing of innocent children by setting them on fire occurred at home, their parents were working in the fields. The news of incinerating of the children spread like wild fire in the village, and the police was also informed about after which the police team rushed to the spot.

Police sources further said that the police team recovered the bodies of the deceased children from a passage adjoining to a room in the house wherein the crime was committed. The police took the bodies into custody and sent them for autopsy after preparing an inquest of the incident.

Rohit Kumar Jha, Sub-divisional Officer of Police, Patan Zone said that since the accused were incoherent in narrating the incident, nothing was verified in the investigation so far.

He said that during interrogation in the police custody the accused woman disclosed some irrelevant information, not in sequence of the crime, pointing as if she was threatened on knife point by Mahaveer Ojha into submission.

He said that however the police recovered the kerosene container and a matchbox along with burnt charpoy from the spot to establish that the children were burnt alive. The killing of the children by burning them alive has send shock waves across.