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Bhopal City
Power theft: Rs 289 crore revenue recovered in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: During year 2014-15, irregularities were detected in 2.76 lakh electric connections and revenue of Rs 289 crore was recovered in areas under Madhya Pradesh Central, Eastern and Western Region Power Distribution Companies.

During the period, 41,808 cases of power theft were filed in special courts. During last financial year, 13 lakh electricity connections of the three power distribution companies were checked.

Eastern Region Power Distribution Company checked 4.87 lakh connections in Jabalpur, Rewa and Sagar areas and detected irregularities or power thefts in one lakh connections. In all, Rs 68 crore was recovered from the erring consumers. The company filed 18, 551 cases of power theft or irregularities in special courts.

Western Region Power Distribution Company in Indore and Ujjain areas filed one lakh cases of power theft and recovered Rs 157 crore from the erring consumers. The company had checked 7 lakh cases and filed 12, 922 cases of power theft or irregularities in courts.