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Bangalore cop thrashes adult daughter publicly

BANGALORE: Images of a cop thrashing his daughter in a Bangalore street have gone viral on social media. The images of the shameful act were posted on Facebook by two young women who intervened to save the 25-year-old girl.

In her Facebook post, Nivedita, one of the women who intervened, said the man, a policeman from Madurai, beat his daughter “black and blue”, while at least 50 people on the street simply watched. The man was allegedly angry about his daughter’s relationship.

“The parents had heard rumours of their daughter having an affair and was hence “teaching her a lesson” refusing to listen to her or believe her denying the affair. The father wanted to take her back to Madurai, against the wishes of the adult daughter and forcibly marry her to someone of their choice,” said the Facebook post.

“If a policeman chooses to physically and publicly abuse his adult daughter, how are we safe in the hands of such “protectors of law”? If a teacher mistrusts and blames her adult daughter while supporting her husband’s abusive behaviour, how can we entrust our children’s grooming to such “educators and shapers of young India”?