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PDP admits Masarat Alam’s release done in haste, says BJP

JAMMU: The BJP on Wednesday said its coalition partner in the Jammu & Kashmir government, PDP, with which its relationship had strained over the release of separatist leader Masarat Alam, had acknowledged that the decision was taken in ‘haste’ and could have been avoided.

“The damage which has been done to the smooth functioning of the coalition government has been duly acknowledged by PDP. It has been acknowledged that the decision to release Masarat Alam was taken in haste which could have been avoided and consultation with BJP, as equal partner of coalition government, should have been done,” chief spokesperson of BJP’s state unit, Sunil Sethi told reporters here.

Sethi said the development which has taken place since the formation of government in Jammu & Kashmir and which has caused the concern and distress for BJP has been strongly conveyed to PDP.

Sethi further said that the damage which has been done is required to be undone by directing preventive custody of Alam under PSA in view of fresh circumstances which rose after his release.

He said that the first cabinet meet of the coalition government also took place today, which will help in restoring the confidence between the coalition partners for better coordination to provide good governance to the public, for which primarily the coalition was formed.

“The BJP strongly impresses upon the coalition partner to honour the CMP in letter and spirit,” he said.

The BJP spokesperson also appealed the people not to get misled by the misinformation campaign launched by opposition parties against BJP and underlined that BJP never compromised on its principles and ideology and shall continue to follow the same.