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Bhopal City
Low-floor bus crushes teenage boy near Bhopal Talkies

BHOPAL: A teenage boy died and two others, including a kid sustained injuries after the three were hit by a speeding low-floor bus near Bhopal Talkies on Wednesday morning. In past four days, it is third incident in which a low-floor bus cut short life of two minors.

In fresh incident, the police said Shoaib Ahmed, 16, a resident of Bagh Faratafza was riding a scooter with his uncle Mohammad Amir, 20, and Taha, 4, to drop the kid to school. A speeding bus heading towards Karond hit them from behind. A case was registered at Shahjehnabad police station.

Mohammad Amir was riding the scooter and Taha and Shoaib Ahmed were riding pillion. Shoaib Ahmed, a student of Class IX, who was only son of his parents, came under a wheel of the bus and was dragged for some distance, resulting in his death on the spot.

Amir and Taha fell on other side of bus and suffered minor injuries. The police said the bus driver did not stop the vehicle and kept moving ahead for some distance.

The driver left the bus and escaped and public assembled on the spot damaged the vehicle. The police seized the bus and registered a case against driver. A number of people assembled at the police station to protest incident. The accused driver Saleem was arrested, police added.