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Bhopal City
Woman booked for abducting her son

BHOPAL: A 32-year-old woman has been booked for kidnapping her 4-year-old son on a complaint of her husband. Accused in the case is daughter of a senior police official of the rank of additional director general of police. She too has got a counter case registered against her husband, who is an Indian Revenue Services officer, for beating her.

The couple has separated and complainant Siddharth, a deputy commissioner is posted in Mumbai. As per court’s directive their son, Arihant has to be in custody of his father on every first and third Friday of the month while rest of the time he has to be with his mother. The mother of the child Santosh Meena had appealed against the decision in higher court, but it was turned down.

The woman, Santosh, daughter of ADG, KL Meena, and a pathologist, said she took Arihant to the court to be given to his father’s custody but when she moved out, her son started crying.

Siddarth wanted to take the child in a car, but he ran towards her, which led to a fight between them after which she took the child and went to MP Nagar police station to lodge a complaint against her husband alleging he beat her up.

However, while the couple were fighting outside the district court, which led to a traffic jam, her husband’s brother shot a video on his mobile phone, which showed the woman forcefully taking away her kid on the basis of which, Siddharth got a case of abduction registered against his wife.

Santosh said despite being daughter of an ADG, she had to struggle for hours to get a case registered against her husband. “I went for medicals, kept insisting for hours, but the police worked under pressure of my husband”, she alleged.