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“It is not right in God’s sight to obey men rather than God.”

BJP MP sees nothing wrong in re-converting to Hinduism

HAJIPUR: Amidst raging controversy over alleged conversion in Agra, firebrand BJP MP Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said that there was nothing wrong if people re-convert to Hinduism if they are doing it willingly.

“There is nothing wrong in ‘ghar vapasi’ if one does it out of free will. Is it not a fact that large-scale conversion of Hindus into other religions had taken place before and after Independence due to allurement and pressure?” he told reporters on the sidelines of a function in Vaishali district.

The MP from Gorakhpur described those opposing ‘homecoming’ of non-Hindus as ‘pseudo-seculars’ and asked them to explain their stand “on the conversion of Hindus into other faiths in the Northeast”.

“Those opposing ‘homecoming’ of non-Hindus should first oppose conversion of Hindus into other faiths in the Northeast,” he demanded.

He, however, backed framing of an anti-conversion law in the country, emphasising his opposition against forcible conversion.