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“It is not right in God’s sight to obey men rather than God.”

Kerala is a great land of faith, divinity, says Pope Francis

VATICAN: Lauding the Catholic Church in Kerala Pope Francis on Monday said that the Catholic Church in Kerala are places of divine invocations. The Kerala Catholic Church have a special power and should move forward with that, the Pope said. He was speaking while blessing the Malayali groups who had visited St Peter's Bascilica.

India has always been a fertile land for Christian church. Kerala is a land of many blessings. There should be more nuns like Euphrasia from Kerala, the Pope said.

Kerala is a great land of faith and divinity. Churches in the state are active. Canonisation of Father Kuriakose Elias and Sister Euphrasia has further enriched the Catholic church in Kerala.

Pope had made a special mention about his greetings for Cardinals, Metropolitans, priests and families who had reached St Peter’s Bascilica in Vatican on the eve of canonisation on Sunday.