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Cabinet endorses policy to acquire private land through mutual consent

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, here on Wednesday endorsed a policy that the land of private owners will be acquired through mutual consent for projects of public interest.

According to the policy, on requirement of land for infrastructure and development projects of state government’s departments and undertakings, first concerning collector will transfer a suitable land out of available government land to administrative department as per rules.

If suitable government land is not available, then land can be purchased from private owners through mutual consent for project or a part of it on the application of administrative department. Private land will be acquired after paying price to the seller equal to the price calculated at prevailing rates of collector’s guideline and value of immovable assets existing on the land.

This amount will be paid in lump sum as rehabilitation grant to the seller. Thus the seller will get amount double the value of land and the immovable assets on it.

The amount payable against land to be acquired for department/undertaking and immovable assets thereon and rehabilitation grant will be borne by concerning administrative department/undertaking.

According to the policy, if the project is withdrawn or fails after land acquisition and the land is not required as a result of it, then the land will be surrendered to Revenue Department by concerning administrative department/undertaking. The surrendered land may be allotted by Revenue Department for any other government work or development project.

If a government land allotted on agriculture lease is required by government for any project then concerning collector will examine the need of patta under the policy. The collector will calculate price of land like private land and amount of grant and sanction the same if patta holder surrenders the land willingly.