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College principal forces students to donate blood in Chhattisgarh

RAIPUR: A college principal in Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh has been accused of allegedly forcing students to donate blood as a condition to pass in practical exams. The blood collected was allegedly later sold to a private blood bank. The incident came to fore recently when district collector Alex Paul Menon received an application narrating the incident soon after which investigation began.

Balrampur district administration is probing the case while the principal is said to be on long leave till November 10.

Rajpur Government College principal Dr BK Garg has past record of similar incidents during his posting at Surajpur in a like designation. According to students, Garg was attempting to persuade them to donate blood luring them with certificates from blood bank and government. While few students agreed, others resisted after which he threatened of failing them in examination.

Kapil Yadav, a BSc first year student said, “About 70 students, including 35 girls, were bound to donate blood on September 25 to a private blood bank of Ambikapur. Many of us were fasting during Navratri and we resisted. But he threatened saying he had failed many students in Surajpur for similar reasons and we should be ready for consequences.”

Kapil added that a day before blood donation, a team visited college for routine check-up of students and if they were healthy enough to donate. “Few students who were exempted from blood donation were also forced by Garg to donate blood,” he said.

Two girls allegedly fainted after giving blood. “Seeing them faint, two-three students fled from the spot by jumping from the terrace of the college campus. The principal had locked the main gates of institute,” another student said requesting anonymity.

For fear of being caught, Garg drove the two girls to a hospital at Ambikapur who were then given blood there.

Students alleged that he had later sold blood to bank. He lied to students that senior officials of district administration would be present during the camp but no one visited. None of the students received certificates for blood donation either.

Investigation officer and sub-divisional magistrate Bhupendra Agrawal said, “We are investigating as to why and how blood camp was conducted in collaboration with private blood bank without seeking permission. It’s mandatory to take permission from collector, SDM and block medical officer. We have written to the blood bank for an explanation.”

Agrawal cited Surajpur incidents of similar nature where Garg went scot free due to high sources. “With past allegations on him, investigation would be done on those lines as well. Once he returns, we would interrogate him and take necessary action,” Agrawal said.

According to students, the school staff informed them that principal was in hiding at Ambikapur.