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UNICEF, WHO laud Madhya Pradesh’ initiative to make children disease-free

BHOPAL: Senior officers of UNICEF and World Health Organisation have lauded Madhya Pradesh’ initiative of using Pentavalent vaccine, which is helpful in saving lives of about 20 lakh children in the world and 72,000 in the country annually from untimely deaths.

Dr Nata of World Health Organisation congratulated Madhya Pradesh government for efforts to make children disease-free. UNICEF’s India Head David Macclegan lauded increase in vaccination by 8 per cent to total 70 per cent in Madhya Pradesh after 2011-12. Death rate of children below 5 years of age in the state will come down by 4 per cent following introduction of Pentavalent vaccine.

Pentavalent vaccination was to be started in 12 states of the country in year 2014. Madhya Pradesh became the first state to use this vaccine. Two states have started use of the vaccine in year 2012 and 6 states in year 2013.

Children in the state will be protected from 5 diseases through a single vaccine. The preventive vaccine will be administered thrice to save children from diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, Hepatitis-B and Hib. The first vaccine will be administered one and half months after birth, second 2 and half months and third vaccines will be administered 3 and half months after birth.