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Bhopal City
Middle-aged woman murders uncle to grab his property

BHOPAL: Bhopal police on Tuesday unravelled the murder mystery on an elderly man whose naked body with crushed face was found by the cops in a sack in Jehangirabad area on July 17.

According to the police, a middle-aged woman conspired with three others to murder her uncle, who lived alone, to lay hand on his property. The police said that all the four accused, including two women, have been arrested. The man was identified as Fazal Ullah, 65, a resident of Ring Road at Idgah Hills.

Accused in the case are his niece Baby alias Razia, 48, Kherunnisa, 30, her husband Shafique, 40, and Shamim, 27.

Fazal Ullah had a property dispute with Razia. Since Fazal was alone and had no kids, Razia assumed she was the natural heir to his property that was the genesis of the dispute.

Hoping that Fazal Ullah’s death would settle the property dispute and it would automatically get transferred to her, Razia decided to murder him. To execute the killing, she conspired with Kherunnisa and her husband, Shafique, who later took the help of Shamim.

Police said on the day of the incident, Kherunnisa and Shafique invited Fazal Ullah to their flat in Barkhedi. Since he knew them well, he went there. All four accused were waiting to kill him.

Police said, once inside the flat, Razia choked Fazal using her stole while the others beat him up. They later took out his clothes and crushed his face to hide his identity and dumped the body in a sack on road side.

Razia had promised to give a share to her accomplices once she got charge of Fazal’s property. Police said after the crime accused spent most of their time in Nagpur. Among the accused, Shafique had a past criminal record.