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Bhopal City
Dengue control efforts prove effective; no new case reported in Bhopal

BHOPAL: The regional control room and the treatment centre are functioning effectively to control dengue in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Doctors and health staff posted here are also apprising people about ways to prevent the disease.

On Tuesday Principal Secretary Health Praveer Krishna inspected government health centre at Govindpura. In-charge of the control room Dr Manjulata Agrawal informed that 40 ASHA workers and 40 health workers are working continuously in 7 localities of Semra, Narayan Nagar, Bag Sewaniya, Purani Basti, Rachna Nagar, Saket Nagar, Subhash Nagar and Avadhpuri of the city. A number of public representatives have also joined hands in apprising people about preventive measures.

No new dengue case has surfaced in these areas during last 3 days. People in a number of wards are flushing out stagnant water from roofs, flowerpots, coolers, overhead tanks and other containers as a precaution.

The Principal Secretary congratulated workers of the centre for public awareness efforts made by them. He also gave away BP monitors to ASHA workers. Dr Sonal Saxena of Govindpura Dengue Call Centre and District AYUSH Officer Dr. Arun Tiwari informed that people of the area are also exercising maximum caution apart from flushing out stagnant water. The Principal Secretary exhorted workers to give message of cleaning houses and surroundings on the occasion of Diwali.

The Principal Secretary also visited BHEL area’s Piplani dairy locality today. ASHA worker Arti Sonwane informed that families in this area have overcome apprehension of dengue and malaria by keeping water containers covered.

Local resident Mamta Bharti informed that people of entire locality have resolved not to let garbage pile up near houses. People rush patients to government health centre as soon as they detect symptoms of fever.

It is the result of awareness drive that cases of dengue and malaria have reduced to a great extent. About 2000 municipal corporation employees, 12 campaign vehicles and over 400 ASHA workers are providing useful service continuously.

Eight teams are working in Kolar and others in Ishwar Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Char Imli and TT Nagar. About 3000 officers and employees and health workers are doing this duty. Round-the-clock treatment facilities are being provided at government hospitals.