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Bhopal City
Make people aware of dengue and partners in disease control: Praveer Krishna

BHOPAL: Principal Secretary Health Praveer Krishna, at a meeting held here on Sunday, laid emphasis on education of people about diseases and to make them partners in disease control. He directed all doctors and other staff to pay special attention to dengue patients.

Side by side district level control room, zonal control rooms have also been set up to control dengue in the state capital. Process has also been accelerated to make people aware of ways to prevent malaria, dengue and other diseases.

Krishna along with staff of Municipal Corporation and district administration visited a number of wards. During the visit, stagnant water was removed from pools near houses, coolers and old tyres and kerosene was sprayed where necessary.

The process of advising people for prevention of diseases was started from Sunday from Ambedkar Nagar, Abbas Nagar, Kolar Road and other places.

District level control room will coordinate in works relating to control of dengue. Its telephone numbers are 0755-2551291, 0755-2551293 and 94799-60334. Zonal offices have been opened at JP Hospital (in-charge Dr Awasthi-98270-56443), Kolar area (in-charge Dr Tandon-98931-94943) and Govindpura (in-charge Dr Manjulata Agrawal).

About 900 ASHA workers in the state capital have been entrusted responsibly to report as soon as they find symptoms of dengue or other diseases. ASHA workers will also advise people to move patients to government hospital.

Health Department has advised that a patient with dengue symptoms should be immediately taken to a government hospital instead of private ones since most of private hospitals do not have knowledge and do not comply with necessary protocol.

If dengue spreads despite preventive steps then those families will be held responsible for it in whose houses proof of dengue mosquito larvae is found in stagnant water. Up to Rs 1000 fine at family level and Rs 10 thousand at institution level may be imposed. Such cases will be identified during monitoring and inspections by staff of Health Department and Municipal Corporation.

During last one and half months, directives have been re-issued to provide proper treatment to dengue patients in all government hospitals and health centres in the state.