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Bhopal City
Girl, 17, reunited with kin after 12 years of missing from Bhopal railway station

BHOPAL: A 17-year-old girl, who went missing 12 years ago from Bhopal railway station, was reunited with her kin after she was brought to the city by Delhi police.

Riya Ela Singh, went missing from Bhopal railway station 12 years ago when she accidentally boarded a train while begging and reached Delhi. Her family then was residing in a slum near Nehru Nagar area of the state capital. On Thursday, a team from Delhi police accompanied her to Bhopal and even after all these years she found her house miraculously in the same area.

On Friday, her aunt Karat Bai, uncle Haji Lal and their son came to receive her at the child welfare committee (CWC) hearing. An emotional Riya told the reporters present that she was extremely happy that she had found her family. Her father was a daily labourer at Indore hence he couldn't come at such short notice while her mother had re-married.

“I used to cry and pray that I be reunited with my family. I was adamant that I should be taken to Bhopal as I was confident I remembered where my home was,” she said.

Karat Bai was all tears when she recounted how they had searched for her everywhere. “We want to keep her with us as she is like our daughter,” she said.

Chairperson of CWC Dr KS Dubey said, “On the directions of Delhi CWC, the girl was brought here and we are very happy that she was been reunited.”

According to the Delhi CWC, after reaching Delhi, a lady found her at the station, kept her for a while and then sent her to an orphanage in Gurgaon where she was there till last year and went to school till class VIII.

“The child was first produced before us on July 31, 2013 when she ran away from the Gurgaon orphanage as she wanted to meet the lady who first found her. From there, she went to another lady's home where she was kept as a maid. But she ran away from there.

The Delhi police found her alone in a park and brought her to us. Then too she initially confused us saying that she was from Bihar and then Chhattisgarh. Finally after counselling she revealed she was from Bhopal and if taken there she would identify her home,” said Delhi CWC member Charu Makkar over telephone.