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Sonia accuses BJP of claiming credit of work done by UPA

KOLHAPUR: Taking on the BJP for issuing false promises to citizens, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi on Thursday blamed the BJP-led government for claiming credit of the work done by the previous UPA government after failing to bring the shown dream to reality.

“The BJP had given a false dream to citizens during lok sabha elections by giving assurance of fulfilling the promises in 100 days of coming to power. Now, they get upset if we remind them of the promises made,” said Gandhi targeting the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in her first election rally for Maharashtra Assembly elections.

They had promised citizen that they would check inflation, teach a lesson to Pakistan, bringing black money back to India, ensure employment to youth in 100 days, she said adding, “When the government is asked on the promises made during Lok Sabha elections, they get upset and refuse to respond saying those who ruled the country for 60 years are seeking account of 60 days old government.”

“The BJP is expert in the art of claiming credit of good work done by others. They had been criticising the Congress for the various schemes initiated by the UPA but now continuing the same by merely changing the name of the schemes,” Gandhi said.

The Indian flag is flying high in the world because of the hard work of Congress of so many decades, she said, “The Congress faced all the challenges in the past seven decades with many sacrificing their lives to keep the country united. We never allowed division of community on the base of caste or religion.”

The BJP is now seeking votes in the name of Maratha king Shivaji and the same party has opposed the Congress government initiative to erect statue of the kin in Arabian sea, she said, “The BJP in reality is not the same as they say.”

The Modi government has been taking decision against the interest of Maharashtra by shifting the development projects to Gujarat, Congress chief said the BJP claim of Gujarat is more developed than Maharashtra is false.

“How amusing is this (Waah, kitni majedar baat hain ye),” she said pointing out that Maharashtra is ahead of Gujarat in almost all fields.

The Congress chief said that progress can be done only in safe and secure environment but the BJP and Shiv Sena’s only intention is to spread hatred on the basis of region, language, religion.

The BJP and Shiv Sena have got separated but will come together for power, Gandhi said while urging voters to keep the saffron parties from coming to power.

Taking on NCP without naming the party, she said that the voters should be alerted from those who were with us in the past and public should not fall prey to those changing stands.

State Congress chief Manikrao Thakre said that the NCP never worked for Congress candidates when in alliance but the Congress always stood by them. “The party activists were upset with the treatment given by NCP. Now, we have an opportunity to prove our strength to everyone,” he said.