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World Bank lauds successful poverty alleviation efforts of Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: World Bank has lauded Madhya Pradesh for its widespread success achieved in poverty alleviation through livelihoods activities. The annual collective income of 3.25 lakh poor families has been assessed to Rs 1377 crore in the state.

The families, who used to be dependent on moneylenders earlier, are now earning from Rs 3,000 to Rs 15,000 per month through livelihoods activities. Average annual income of about 30,000 rural families has increased up to Rs one lakh.

World Bank’s Supervision Mission Team praised these achievements during review of implementation of District Poverty Initiative Project here on Wednesday. Livelihoods activities are being conducted in 4,806 selected villages in 53 development blocks in 15 districts of Madhya Pradesh.

The team led by World Bank Task Team Leader Kevin Crockford held detailed discussions on Madhya Pradesh DPIP project’s works, livelihood activities, innovations and important achievements.

Project Coordinator DPIP LN Belwal informed the World Bank team that 35,235 self-help groups have been formed under the project so far with 4,04,612 families as members including 1,09,836 tribal and 90,2345 scheduled caste families. Fiscal assistance of Rs 374.63 crore has been provided to these SHGs for livelihoods activities. Belwal apprised the team about a number of other important livelihoods activities.

Belwal informed that women beneficiaries’ participation has increased considerably in Gram Panchayats, Gram Sabhas and other rural activities. He informed that beneficiaries have come forward to open accounts under Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana.

Other members of the team including Samik Sundardas, Saumik Mitra, Papiya Bhattacharya, Isabella, Mio Takada, Gitika Hora, Varun Singh, Michael Winston Davis and Atin Rastogi also shared their experiences of tour of villages.

The meeting was conducted by Coordinator Procurement Raman Vadhwa. A video presentation on various livelihoods clusters’ economic activities was also made on the occasion.