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Madrassas teaching terrorism, says BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj

LUCKNOW: After Yogi Adityanath, another BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj has triggered a controversy with a statement against a minority community. The BJP MP from Unnao on Sunday alleged that madrassas were giving “education of terrorism” evoking strong reactions from opposition parties.

“Education of terrorism is being given in madrassas. They (madrassas) ... are making them terrorists and jihadis ... It is not in national interest,” the MP from Unnao constituency told reporters in Nademau in Kannauj district, 120 km from here.

He alleged that students were not being taught about nationalism in the religious schools. “Tell me about one madrassa where tricolour is hoisted even on August 15 and January 26,” he said.

The Unnao MP said madrassas “which have no connection with nationalism” are being given government aid. “Most of our schools do not take the aid but it is being given to madrassas having no connection with nationalism,” he said.

Recently another BJP MP Yogi Adityanath was pulled up by the Election Commission for hate speech during campaigning for UP bypolls. Yogi Adityanath courted controversy in Noida when he equated the rise in communal violence in western UP with the increasing population of a particular community.

The Samajwadi Party denounced Sakshi’s ‘hate speech’, saying it was an attempt to create division among communities. “Sakshi has given a hate speech which is aimed towards creating differences in the society,” SP spokesman Rajendra Chaurdhary said.

The Congress also slammed the BJP leader for his remarks. Congress leader Manish Tewari accused BJP of promoting communal polarization.

Earlier, during a programme in Etah on September 7, Sakshi had reportedly labelled madrassas as “hub of terror” and alleged that 'love jihad” prospers through such institutions.