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Navodaya seniors force students to polish shoes, wash clothes

RAIPUR: About 15 students of Class VI and VII alleged of severe ragging incidents and torture by seniors residing at hostel of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya located at Mana Camp on Monday. Students were forced by seniors to polish shoes, make the bed for night, wash clothes and were allegedly shoved with cigarettes’ butt in mouth.

While students hesitate to open up before the family, parents prevented from lodging complaint to the police. Meghnath Nayak, father of a student said, “Though we have made verbal complaint before the police but complaining formally carries risk on our ward's education. Rather, we have decided to solve the matter with school mutually. But if problem continues, I would surely approach police.”

Nayak said that there were nearly 10-15 such students who were being tortured by students of Class VIII. “They beat the juniors with stick and ask them to keep distance of two foot from their beds or they would punish the juniors and would ask them to beg forgiveness with bowed head. My son had joined the school this August and remained withdrawn when he was home. He used to cry in the hide, we wondered if it was because he was staying away from home at hostel for the first time.”

But later the student revealed the truth and on inquiring with other students the truth came to light. “When approached school authorities, they said that 13 students were already suspended over different issue for two months and their parents were called for consultation. They said they would look into the matter further,” Nayaks said.

School's hostel warden HK Chandrakar said that there were some ego clashes between seniors and juniors over cleaning issues. “It was plainly argument over keeping the surrounding clean but ragging in school and hostel isn't possible. Moreover, when the students are kept in strict vigilance, they can’t be smoking around to shove cigarette butt in juniors’ mouth.”

Meanwhile, Mana police said that unless parents make complaint in written, they can’t take action against the school. “The parents seemed little confused and feared their children's education, hence didn't lodge complaint,” a police official said.

Parents believe that the trauma their children have been going through says a lot may be happening, could be more than the children revealed. “We shall keep a watch over them from now on and take immediate action if we found it to be continuing,” parents said.