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Mixed crop cultivation of tribal farmer inspires others in Chhattisgarh

RAIPUR: Shivram, a tribal farmer from Kurushnar in Abujhmarh block of Narayanpur district of Chhattisgarh has adopted vegetable cultivation as an additional source of income.

During summer, Shivram cultivates tomato, chilly and bottle-gourd crops and in rainy season okra, brinjal and chilly in his one-acre land and earns good profit from it. Cultivating mixed crops of maize and okra in Monsoon, he has become a source of inspiration for other farmers.

Shivram, resident of the remote Abujhmarh area said that he cultivates vegetables in his one-acre land during winter and summer season through the solar pump installed for drinking water near his house. He sells the vegetables produced in his farm to Narayanpur and Jamhari markets which is 12-km away from his house. He earns Rs 30-40 thousand per season from it.

During monsoon, he cultivates brinjal, chilly and okra and sells it in local market. This year, with the guidance of agriculture and horticulture field officials, he cultivated mixed crop of maize, okra and beans in the one-acre land.

Shivram said that dedication and hard work needed to cultivate all types of crops in the fertile land of Abujhmarh area. Out of the total 7 acre agriculture land, he cultivates paddy in 3 acre, crops like Ragi, kodo-kutki in two acres and in the one acre udad and kulthi crops. With this he meets the needs of his 7-member family without much difficulty.

Shivram’s wife Shanti and son and daughter-in-law also give every possible help in farming. Now, with the help of agriculture department, he wants to dig a well on this farm, so that he could give a new direction to farming.

In this direction, deputy director agriculture BK Bijroniya said, looking to the dedication and hard work of Shivram, Rs 25,000 grant would be made available to him for digging a well. Impressed with the hard work and determination of this tribal farmer, the horticulture department has provided mini-kit of hybrid vegetable seeds worth Rs 2,500, two vermi-compost tanka and pre-cooling chamber for keeping vegetable fresh for 8-10 days.