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Harra will be purchased at minimum support price in Chhattisgarh

RAIPUR: The government has declared nationalised forest produce ‘Harra’ as non-nationalised small forest produce. The state government has made preparations for purchase of Harra in the forest areas of Chhattisgarh.

According to an official press statement, the central government this year has declared minimum support price of Harra Rs 11 per kg or Rs 1,100 per quintal for the collectors of the produce. The state government has decided to procure Harra at minimum support price through Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Committees this year.

Chief Secretary Vivek Dhand, in a circular issued here on Tuesday, informed all district collectors, divisional forest officers and managing directors of district forest produce cooperative unions. In the circular, the chief secretary instructed the officers to ensure all necessary measures for procurement of Harra in the wider interest of Harra collector villagers and forest-dweller families.

He said that the Union Tribal Affairs Ministry and the Chhattisgarh Government have decided to purchase Harra in the state at minimum support price scheme. For that notification for declaring Harra as non-nationalised forest produce had been issued on August 19 last. As it was a nationalised forest produce, the total quantity of Harra has been procured in the state through Primary Forest Product Cooperative Societies. Now, as it has been non-nationalised, any person can purchase or sell it, but guidelines have been issued to officers to procure it at minimum support price, so that harra collectors get more benefit from it.

The chief secretary has made it clear that at any cost, harra coming from other states should not be purchased under this scheme. Besides, it should be ensured that no trader purchase the produce from the primary collectors at low cost and include in the government procurement in the fake name of primary collectors. For that forest department, police and district administration have to keep coordinated vigil.

He said that it should be kept in mind that Harra purchased from other states at cheap rate should not be sold at the prescribed minimum support price in Chhattisgarh. For the sudden inspection of it, collectors should form flying squads.

It has been mentioned in the circular that for the purchase of Harra, Union Tribal Affairs Ministry would give 75 per cent amount and the remaining 25 per cent amount by the Chhattisgarh government. Separate bank account will be opened at Forest Produce Federation level for the Harra procurement scheme. Similarly, bank accounts opened at District Forest Produce Cooperative Union level and Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies level for procurement of Saal seed, will be used for Harra procurement also.

Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies will decide collection centres for purchase of Harra at minimum support price. One Phad Munshi, selected from local persons, will be deployed on each collection centre. Women self help groups could also be appointed as Phad Munshi.

The chief secretary said that the payment of Harra procurement would be made like that of tendupatta payment, i.e. up to Rs 500 cash and over Rs 500 through bank account of the villagers.