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Peon at MP Cooperative Bank amasses assets worth over Rs 3 crore

BHOPAL: The Lokayukta police on Tuesday apprehended a peon working at Madhya Pradesh Cooperative Bank in Gwalior, who amassed properties worth several crores of rupees.

The accused, Kuldeep Singh Yadav’s job was to bring in business cards of visiting callers and carry documents from one cabin to another at the Madhya Pradesh Cooperative Bank in Gwalior. To the outside world, he is a humble man who joined as ‘peon’ in 1983.

But an early morning raid by Lokayukta police at his palatial three-storied house at Purshotam Vihar colony in Gwalior on Tuesday revealed that despite a paltry salary of less than Rs 25,000, he had assets worth over Rs 3 crore.

And that is not it, reports also revealed that he owns four more houses complete with the most luxurious of amenities in Gwalior itself. Lokayukta police said that in a career spanning almost 31 years, Yadav, who started on a salary of less than Rs 5,000 a month, couldn't possibly have made more than Rs 16 lakh.