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Chhattisgarh’s Crocodile Conservation Centre will soon be a major tourist attraction

RAIPUR: The only Crocodile Conservation Centre of Chhattisgarh at Kotmisonar village, 7-km away from Akaltara tehsil of Janjgir-Champa district, will soon be developed as a major tourist attraction. The Tourism Department of the state government has included the centre among the identified tourist places.

A magnificent lake has been constructed on 85-acre land of the Crocodile Conservation Centre, which has total 200-acre land. 200 crocodiles have been kept in this lake in a favourable natural atmosphere. 165 crocodiles have been trans-located from other places. Remaining ones have already been there.

Kotmisonar is situated on the Mumbai-Howrah rail route, where local trains halt. The Crocodile Conservation Centre is hardly half km away from the railway station. It is 35 km away from Bilaspur on bus route and 21 km on rail route. Because of favourable atmosphere, crocodiles were already there in the Mudha Lake of the village. Apprehending loss of life of people and cattle, the area has been selected for the Crocodile Conservation Centre.

Chief Minister Raman Singh had inaugurated the Centre on May 6, 2006. According to the intention of the chief minister, the centre is being developed as a tourist place. A knowledge park will also be developed near the centre. The place will be significant for students for study tour.

In-charge of Crocodile Conservation Centre, deputy ranger Umesh Jain said that 40-50 thousand tourists from other states and countries visit the place every year. For the food arrangement of tourists, an all facility restaurant and attractive swing for children have been put up here.

Jain said that for the safety of tourists, double layer net fencing has been erected around the lake. A double-storey watch tower with a video hall having a sitting capacity of 25 people has also been constructed in the park. Short films of 10 minutes related to wildlife are screened there.

Every year, fish seeds are planted in the lake. When the fish grew up, crocodiles make them their food. The deputy ranger said that to make the lake attractive, four small islands have been constructed and Babul trees have been planted there. Siberian birds reach here for four months. The place is favourable for these winged visitors for breeding.